Breaking the “Lazy Stoner” Stereotype

How cannabis can help enhance and improve your active lifestyle

Lazy. Couch potato. Stoner. These are terms often thrown out to perpetuate an unhealthy and negative stigma that you can’t be a healthy and active individual while also being a cannabis consumer. I’m not sure where these people are getting their stereotypes from, but it seems clear that they’ve never met the wonderful people from Washington, Colorado or California; some of the most active states in the U.S. (and also just happen to allow recreational and medicinal marijuana).

More and more we’re seeing cannabis embraced in corners of the fitness industry. Just take a look at Power Plant Fitness. Owner Jim McApline is working towards opening a traditional health and wellness center that also allows members to consume cannabis onsite. Although the anabolic window, or post-workout window, is hotly debated, one thing that isn’t is your ability to consume marijuana at the gym – which is a big no-go.

Alongside cannabis centered gyms and the city marathons offered by 420 games, there are also several different yoga retreats, bringing together cannabis and yoga in weekend or week long workshops. They vary across different states, including Colorado and California.

Regardless of the sport, there definitely is a space for cannabis alongside. Below is a short guide we’ve put together for you, giving you a few recommendations based on activities. We highlight some of the best sativa strains for energy, while looking at higher CBD content for mindfulness and concentration. If you’re new to cannabis consumption, remember to start slow. You don’t want to choose a strain you’re not sure of that might heighten your anxiety while say, attending a boxing class! If you’re unsure about different consumption methods – be sure to check out our “Basics” guide.


Super Lemon Haze is an energy packing, sativa dominant strain. Zesty and citrusy, this flower also has a great taste that your lemon infused water would be jealous of. We love finding this strain in a vape format or concentrate to allow us to consume a small amount of this potent strain without the hassle of rolling or grinding a bowl.    

Green Crack Flower is another sativa strain for energy that can give you a whole new meaning to “runners high”. This strain will give you an energy boost and will help elevate your mood. If you enjoy getting your sweat on in the mornings before work, monitor your dosage since this strain is known to be very potent.

Jack Herer  is a favorite of ours to take along during outdoor hikes. With its intense body high, it offers you the chance to feeling the sun hit your skin and the moisture in the air in an elevated state.

We got a chance to speak with Jess Dugan, GanjaYoga instructor and cannabis industry expert, about her thoughts on what pairs best with yoga practice. Her recommendation? “Look for a product that offers a ratio of 2:1 CBD to THC. This will help you be in your body during your practice while staying clear in the mind.” Another great tip she gave us is using a CBD Oil on pressure points such as your temples or the bridge of your nose to help you relax.

Strength Training
CBD strains are popular among cannabis athletes for CBD’s ability to aid in recovery, but also for the type of high it produces. Sativa dominant characteristics, like the Harlequin strain, help users stay focused and alert while energizing you. This way you can stop counting down the seconds to your last rep and instead focus on all the amazing things your body can do (like lifting those heavy weights!)

With an even higher CBD ratio of 3:1, Cannatonic is another well recognized strain known for helping improve focus and offering an uplifted mood. This is a great entry point for those new to incorporating cannabis into their workout routines, and keeps the intense head rush to a minimum. It’s also a great choice if you’re doing anything more complex and require you to be a bit more alert, such as rock climbing or mountain biking.

Designed specifically to help aid menstrual relief, we enjoy using the Whoopi & Maya bath soak for muscle recovery as well. Made with a base of Epsom Salt, this soak will leave your muscles and your mind relaxed. Also comes in three different varieties; a Lavender scent, their signature Amber Moon, or a fragrance free option.

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a post-workout smoothie. There’s lots of different variations you can experiment with, but we recommend starting out with our Green-Dream Smoothie recipe that includes Mondo Meds Cannabis Powder.

Aches & Pains
Papa & Barkley is an award winning and well-known topical company offering well crafted products. Each of their topicals boast over 400mg of cannabinoids per jar. We recommend their 3:1 Releaf Balm, which offers a higher CBD to THC ratio and is great for sore muscles. You can also find other variations based on personal preference, including a 1:3 THC to CBD Ratio, and a 1:1 THC to CBD Releaf Patch that offers up to 12 hours of relief.   

Wildflower CBD + Cool Stick – We not only love the scent, which includes a blend of peppermint, coconut and CBD Oil, but we also love it’s portable design and minimal packaging. A great item to have on hand in your purse or toss into your gym bag.

A new favorite, Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural Pain Cream offers a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, with an average of 90mg of THC and 90mg of CBD per bottle. This cream gives you a cooling and tingly sensation upon application and helps with muscle tension and stiffness.

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