A Survival Guide to Tricky Cannabis Conversations

Your pocket guide to navigating the controversial topics of including cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle

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I see you, modern woman. You buy organic groceries. You’ve switched your coffee addiction for matcha mornings. You do yoga, spin or Pilates and embrace mindfulness. You’ve ushered in a life of wellness, and part of this lifestyle includes integrating cannabis into your daily routine. But here’s where things get tricky. As you have embraced more “green” into your life (we’re not talking kale here), it’s likely you are surrounded by friends, family members and loved ones who may reject and judge your choices. More often than not, conversations about cannabis are full of pure misunderstandings and opinions laden with misinformation.

But real talk: You’re a powerful woman. Maybe you’re a mom, a career woman. More likely, you’re both. Here’s the question I want to ask: What makes you think that cannabis can’t fit into all those categories with you?

This is the first in a three-part series designed to open up the conversation about navigating the controversial issue of using cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s equip you with guidance to support yourself against anyone who gives you grief about the ganja.

The Situation: Your partner thinks women who smoke “aren’t sexy.”

In the timeless battle of breaking the patriarchy, it’s important to note that you do not live to meet the unattainable standard of what “sexy” means to anyone else.

That being said, when you’re in a relationship, it’s gratifying to feel that your significant other is attracted to you. As we work to encourage conversations about cannabis and erase the stigma of enjoying it, there are plenty of emerging brands that cater to a smoke-free lifestyle.  

Your strategy

Research smoke-free options that can deliver all or most of the benefits you’re looking for when it comes to cannabis consumption. You might even discover a method you prefer over smoking.

If you’re an exhausted mom who has trouble falling asleep, consider a discrete sublingual like ‘Nice Dream’ from the beautifully designed Kinslips. Sublingual products come in many varieties, doses and effects, so whether you’re looking to catch some zzz’s or boost your daytime creativity, your options are wide open.

If your partner needs a little extra convincing, try using a cannabis lubricant in bed. Choose a lube with made with pure CBD (it’s non-psychoactive) like Temptress from Simple Jane to show him or her how cannabis enhances…well… pretty much everything.

The best part about this emerging industry is the amazing innovations that come with a new market. Find a resource you can rely on for trustworthy information to make informed decisions about how and what you are consuming. The Revel & Rouse team has put together a fantastic “The Basics” page that provides a great intro into the many ways to consume cannabis, including tinctures, topicals and edibles.

Be honest about your consumption

Discrete and smoke-free products shouldn’t be an outlet to hide your usage. Let your partner know you can compromise on the smoking, but partaking in cannabis relieves stress, elevates your mood and heals your body. And who wouldn’t want that for you?

Welcoming cannabis into your life with the support of those around you doesn’t have to be a uphill battle. I want to know what other experiences you’re dealing with when it comes to cannabis stigma as a woman. Start a conversation about cannabis, reach out to me on Instagram, and let’s have a conversation. We will rise together.

This article is part one in a series of articles on navigating the controversial conversations that can sometimes arise around the topic of including cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest installments of this series. 

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Chelsea Hamilton • Contributor + Co-owner of Simple Jane

Chelsea is the Sales Director and co-owner of Simple Jane, a women’s wellness brand creating cannabis products for the modern woman. She came to the cannabis industry with one goal: To continue sharing the message about the incredible healing power of the plant for women, without the “stoner” stigma. When she’s not out insisting on complimentary hand massages with Simple Jane products (“Seriously, try this stuff, it’s amazing. Here, let me show you”) she can be found testing out her new favorite strain from the comfort of her couch and cuddling her fluffy rescue pup, Scheff.