Dear Stress, It’s Over. Love, Me

Your custom stress relief regimen

Why do we stress? We stress when a situation is out of our control. We’re unsure of the outcome. We prepare our best, and once we have done all possible to influence the future, we wait—and stress. But what if you could relieve stress with cannabis?

Stress develops as a result of worrying about the outcome of hypothetical situations. It causes sleeping problems, difficulty with assessing situations rationally, and overall, negative feelings.  This uneasy cloud that engulfs our thoughts solves zero problems. Alleviating stress allows clearer thinking and, more importantly, promotes health.

“I love going to the doctor’s office,” said nobody ever. According to the American Psychological Association, “75 to 90 percent of all physician office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.”

A new way to destress

With the big picture presented bluntly, stress elimination becomes a challenge we must solve. Today’s educated innovators have made incredible discoveries about cannabis’ healing properties, and we couldn’t be happier to learn we can relieve stress with cannabis.

Although prescription medications come to mind first for most people, when it comes to stress treatment, it’s time to shift our thinking. Yoga and meditation naturally relieve stress, but what else? Cannabis to the rescue!

With the surplus of methods to consume cannabis and multiple varieties to select, we’re here to point you in the right direction and help you relieve stress with cannabis.

This flowchart is designed to help you break up with stress:

flowchart of recommended cannabis strains for stress relief

Our recommendations

THC FlowerIndica dominant: Dante’s Fire by Spliffin’ takes the edge off and seriously helps relieve stress.

THC Vape Pen–Indica dominant: Heavy Hitters Grape Ape Vape Pen contains 90% THC and is an excellent way to instantly chill out. The high typically lasts 1– 4 hours.

CBD Edible: Care By Design Cannabis-infused Dark Chocolate Bar is a perfect sweet treat to stop stress without the high. Typically, effects last 6–8 hours with slow onset.

CBD Tincture (Oral): SupHerbals Sacred CBD Oil is infused with non-GMO Sacred essential oils and individually blessed with an energy healing ceremony. Typically, effects last 1–6 hours with quick onset.

CBD Oil (Topical): SupHerbals Sacred CBD Roll-On is easy to use, provides stressrelief and reduces anxiety. People rave about this one! It’s not  certain how long it lasts but apply liberally. It is recommended to start with a small amount to  minimize waste.

CBD Flower: Harelquin is a strain with THC levels typically below 4% and high CBD levels so you get the stress relief without a major buzz. The CBD to THC ratio is 5-to-2, and the CBD balances the psychoactive properties, making the elevated experience  minimal and often obsolete.

CBD Vape Pen: SELECT CBD Relax – Lavender CBD Vape Pen provides a smooth, floral flavor and takes the edge off any situation without feeling spacey.

THC Edible–Indica dominant: SPOT Chocolate Chip Cookies are precisely measured so you can relax and get the perfect, tasty buzz. It typically lasts up to four hours and has a slow onset.

THC Tincture (Oral) – Indica dominant: HerbaBuena ”Lullaby” Relaxing Sleep Elixer is ideal for daytime stress. It typically lasts 1–6 hours and has a rapid onset.

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