Enter your Zen Zone

Relaxation techniques to help you find your moment

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You are here now. Not then. Not later.

“We are mostly living in the past, while being in the present, and thinking of the future.” – Yogi Cameron

Regrets of our past and anxiety about our future never benefit us. Each moment is a constant battle to force ourselves to be aware of the now. 

The next time you feel nervous or uneasy, take a moment and pause. Think to yourself, “How do I feel right now? Why do I feel this way? What can I do to eliminate this feeling?

Then imagine explaining the scenario to someone you know. Think about what you would say and the exact words you would say. You will end up discovering the root of the feeling, and thus, better understand if the situation is worth thinking twice about. More often than not, you’ll feel a sense of assurance and relief.

Removing yourself from a worrisome feeling is not a simple task. It requires you to slow down, and stop what you’re doing completely. A variety of techniques can be used to ease your anxiety and allow you to lead a happier, more peaceful life.

Lessen Your Stress

All meditation is good meditation. Whether you set aside two minutes or 15 minutes every day, your mind will thank you. Even three deep breaths can transform your day. Mornings are an ideal time to enter the Zen Zone and promote a calm stream of thoughts, as it prepares you to take on each task as it arises throughout the day. Your mind may be full of thoughts, so bring your attention to the breath. Breathe in deeply, and exhale completely. Breathe in lightly. Breathe out toxins.

Countless yoga styles exist, and all of them have benefits. In our tech-centered lifestyles, it’s important to prioritize bending, stretching and breathing as a way to relieve stress. Yoga studios are a favorite for many, and at-home practices can be just as fruitful. Yoga with Adriene offers endless (and free) yoga practices ranging from 5 to 90 minutes. Each session has a different a topic such as “Yoga for Stress & Anxiety” and “Movement Medicine – Calming Practice.” Adriene knows what to say at the perfect times during your practice,, and you don’t even have to look cute when you’re in your own living room.

Enjoy a soothing strain of your favorite Indica to slow down. Quiet your racing mind, and worries will seem to float away with just a few puffs or nibbles of cannabis. Absolute Xtracts’s Blackberry Kush Vape Cartridge transports you to the tropics and provides a sense of serenity. For an incredible edible experience, District Edibles does not disappoint. Their lemon-lime gummy takes time to kick in, but the long-lasting effects are sure to help you slow your pace. You are never rushing during a cannabis session, and you’ll be as calm as a cucumber afterward.

Stay home
Get rid of your F.O.M.O. Throw it out the door, and close the door behind you. It’s essential to keep a healthy social life, but it’s also vital to spend time alone. You can do whatever you want with your time to relieve stress. Write in your journal, paint a picture, whip up a meal, or smoke a solo joint – whatever it is you enjoy but don’t think you have time to do. Take a break from the Internet. Stay present. You’re not missing anything, I promise. YOU time is a gift!

Incorporate a combination of these stress remedies to be the best person you can be. Don’t compare yourself to others, but instead, be the best version of yourself. There is only one you right here, right now.

Just breathe. And be here now.

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