Get It On With Simple Jane’s Naughty & Nice Box

Could your sex life use a little CBD? Simple Jane thinks so!

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Simple Jane Brings CBD to Your Bedside

CBD is taking the health and wellness world by storm, popping up everywhere from soaking salts and bath bombs to beauty products and lotions. This cannabinoid’s ability to address pain and anxiety without impairing users has helped spread the word about cannabis’ many health benefits. And if Simple Jane has anything to do with it, CBD-infused aphrodisiacs are now about to be all up in your sex life.

Simple Jane’s mother and daughter team, Angella and Chelsea Hamilton, founded their wellness brand with the mission of helping women integrate pleasure in their regular lives, leading them to develop premium CBD oils and aphrodisiacs that provide relief with a heavy dose of indulgence. Since hedonistic is how I roll, I couldn’t wait to break into their elegant, saucy Naughty & Nice box.

The 'Nice'

Inside the sleek black package, bottles of Temptress and Cool Breeze, Simple Jane’s CBD-infused topical aphrodisiacs, lay on a faux fur interior next to a very cute deck of playing cards with labels alternating between “Naughty” and “Nice”. Although each topical blends 50mg of pure hemp CBD oil with fractionated coconut oil, the different essential oils are meant to offer experiences that complement one another.

The cinnamon, lemon peel, cloves, eucalyptus and rosemary oils in Temptress work with the CBD to create a warming effect where it’s applied to the body. I tested it on my arm and immediately swooned over the aroma—a sumptuous spiciness that I could see being pretty intoxicating under the right circumstances. Cool Breeze, on the other hand (or in my case, the other arm), trades the spiciness for refreshing peppermint and spearmint essential oils that stimulate by cooling down.

Both of them feel amazing and absorb quickly when applied, and sitting here with one on each arm, it’s easy to tell what makes the oils unique. In daily life, Temptress’ warming abilities might be helpful for stiff joints desperate to relax, and Cool Breeze might be just what you need to address sharp pain and inflammation.

The 'Naughty'

Even though Temptress and Cool Breeze work wonders as massage oils, their primary function is to get the blood pumping to your erogenous zones. Although those warm and cool tingles might feel lovely on the arms, gently spritzing the clitoris and nipples before foreplay could take you and your orgasm into orbit … so yeah, that’s worth trying.

The little deck of black and white cards help get the party started by providing sexy prompts for you and your partner. The cards labeled “Nice” invite sexy conversations like “Name your favorite place to have sex outside the bedroom”, while the “Naughty” cards are a little more action-oriented (One card says: “Pretend I’ve never had sex before. Teach me what to do & be very gentle.”)

The Naughty & Nice box is a playful way to boost things in the bedroom while introducing CBD into intimacy, highlighting another way cannabis can foster self-care. Keep in mind that Temptress and Cool Breeze should not be used with latex condoms, so have fun keeping the focus on the external areas of the body.

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