Say Goodbye to Stress with Simple Jane’s Blessed CBD-Oil

We reviewed Simple Jane’s Blessed CBD Infused Massage & Bath Oil

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Simple Jane's 'Blessed'

CBD’s ability to relieve pain, inflammation and stress without the psychoactive effects of THC is one of the reasons why cannabis has become the hottest trend in health and beauty. Personally, I’ve found CBD to be a flexible and reliable resource, not only for my own pain issues but also for those instances when I need help being present and focused during the workday or while exercising. In these scenarios, I’ve played with a few CBD-dominant tinctures and edibles, and I’m always excited to see how my second favorite cannabinoid, CBD-infused oil, can further enhance my self-care regime.

So I jumped at the chance to try out Blessed, the signature CBD-infused massage and bath oil by wellness brand Simple Jane.

Simple Jane is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based brand owned and operated by the mother-daughter team of Angella and Chelsea Hamilton, who are all about empowering women through wellness. Blessed is among Simple Jane’s assortment of massage oils and aphrodisiacs that allow women to tap into CBD’s healing properties in the sexiest, most luxurious ways possible.

Blessed is CBD-infused oil made of a blend of fractionated coconut oil, 50mg of pure CBD oil, and jasmine and lavender oils that has been appropriately “blessed” with organic rosebuds and a rose quartz crystal, a stone that opens the heart chakra and nurtures unconditional love. There’s another separate rose quartz included in the storage pouch for good measure—talk about setting an intention.

The Bedroom & Beyond

The experience began the moment I sprayed Blessed into my palms. Rubbing my hands together helped release its light, jasmine-forward scent and immediately I was struck by the oil’s delicate consistency – no gooey stickiness. I massaged Blessed into my arms and immediately appreciated how quickly the CBD-infused oil absorbed into my skin, making it feel soft and giving it a fresh and slightly dewy appearance without leaving a cloying residue. Applying the oil was a soothing, sensual endeavor, and I was solo, so I can see how targeting more intimate areas of the body or having a partner involved could make things significantly more interesting.

But Blessed isn’t just for romance. Its lightweight feel is great for daytime use. It kept my skin conditioned for hours while the floral scent lingered subtly in the background, delivering a refreshing boost every time I noticed it. At the end of a mentally taxing day, rubbing Blessed into my arms and temples was the perfect accompaniment to my evening smoke sesh, enhancing the decompression initiated by a calming hybrid pre-roll and chill playlist. Ease a distracted mind and aching muscles by spraying Blessed into bathwater before a soak, on the face and neck before yoga or meditation or all over the body after a relaxing shower.

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