A Survival Guide to Tricky Cannabis Conversations: Motherhood and Cannabis

Your pocket guide to navigating the controversial topics of including cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle

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The ability to band together and support one another is one of the most amazing things about women. Motherhood is one of those times you need your “tribe” the most. From pregnancy classes (we’re all in this weird breathing thing together, huh?) to high school sports practices, you build your very own tribe of smart, powerful women as your built-in support network.

When it’s time to unleash the kids and let them muck around in the backyard, that usually means a chance to pop open a bottle of wine with the girls. A few bottles of Chardonnay later, you realize these mommy-get togethers can be a little … lush.

Whether you want to escape the pressures of life, relax or just take a moment to yourself, women are finding more reasons to choose alcohol as their go-to option to chill out. Alcohol abuse among women in America is a growing issue, and unfortunately, women are at a higher risk for health problems when it comes to alcohol consumption. It’s a matter of our biological makeup. The options to relax for females seems pretty limited. Booze is the easiest to obtain, and it has a low stigma. The Facebook group Moms Who Need Wine has over 720,000 followers. If you’re looking for the Moms Who Need Cannabis group or a Motherhood and Cannabis group … spoiler alert: there isn’t one.

The Situation: You fear your Mom tribe will judge you for using cannabis

If you are a mother, and you have found healing, relaxation and an improved quality of life by ditching the booze and choosing cannabis instead, you’re likely on the right path. But it can feel isolating. What if the other moms won’t let their kid come over to play because there’s pot in the house? Or what if they think you’re a bad mom? The fear of judgement can be overwhelming and enough to keep you in the “green closet.”

Your strategy

Many mothers still have the chilling echoes of the “War on Drugs” in their minds when it comes to cannabis. With the roll-out of legalization across the country, the cannabis industry is growing the market share with products that welcome in a more female-friendly demographic.

Consider trading your glass of vino with the girls for a little High Tea from a quality brand like Kikoko. You can still partake in the ritual of a drink together with all the benefits for you, without the stuff you don’t need (like sugar and a hangover).

A little bit of chocolate is also a great way to introduce cannabis to your girlfriends. Infused edibles from brands like Satori Chocolates bring luxury packaging and high-end products to the table. You’ve heard the hype about micro-dosing, so bring it in as a conversation piece when you get together with the mom-tribe. Bring along a little treat like Kiva Confections Terra Bites, which are available at a mere 5mg per piece. These low-dose edibles are a great introduction to the benefits of cannabis without overwhelming someone who might be new to consuming.

You rely on your tribe for recipes and mommy-hacks. You can be the resource for all the cannabis tips and tricks. For your bestie who is always looking to shed a few pounds, introduce her to a little bit of bud that is high in THCV. It acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces anxiety. For your mom-friend who is always exhausted, show her a transdermal patch from a company like Mary’s Medicinals with a high Indica ratio that will keep her rested.

Don't be afraid to speak up

Mom and cannabis advocate Ozzy-Ozkay-Villa from Oov Lifestyle spoke on the topic of micro-dosing and how it makes her a better parent. These kinds of conversations bring us one step closer to encouraging a better alternative to boozy happy hours that can leave you wrangling your kids with a raging headache and can potentially worsen the effects of depression.

The more you can normalize the conversation and speak from your own experience, the more opportunity you create to welcome in someone who might truly need the benefits of cannabis but didn’t know how (or who) to ask.

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