Valhalla Gummies Takes the Guesswork Out of Edibles

Featuring organic ingredients and sun grown cannabis, Valhalla Confections are the ultimate California candy

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Image Credit: Christie Malvin for Revel & Rouse

Valhalla Gummies in Tangerine Flavor, displayed outside of the packaging

Valhalla Gummies

Cannabis gummies often bring to mind memories of loose sugar crystals, sticky fingers and the sting of a tangy sour on your tastebuds, but long gone are the days where you might be second guessing the right doses or confusing your medicated, edible gummies with your stash of candy.

Valhalla Confections entered the scene in 2014, and it has changed the game when it comes to cannabis infused gummies. Their high standard for quality shows in their complete line of products. From the thoughtful packaging to the variety of offerings, Valhalla is a staple for many edible enthusiasts.

Although I must admit I first gravitated toward the product by the look of the packaging, I definitely became a repeat customer after learning more about their products and the reliability for accurate dosing. In the past, I’ve noticed that medicated candies can vary wildly. Trying to pull apart a sugary belt or gummy strip and thinking I knew exactly how many milligrams I would be ingesting was not an exact science. Another disappointing fact was that cannabis would often be sprayed on, not infused, into the candy. This had turned me off of cannabis candies for a long time.

A Variety of Flavors

With Valhalla, each square equals exactly 10 milligrams of THC, or a 10mg dosage. Occasionally, I find myself wondering how many milligrams of edible gummies I should eat based on my day, so I often split them into smaller microdoses for pick-me-ups throughout the day. Even though my knife skills might not be the best, I know I can rely on the cannabis to be evenly distributed throughout the square and help me gauge the dosage. The dosage contained in one gummy might not be suitable for a daily cannabis smoker, but make sure to go slow if this is your first time consuming edibles.

Another reason to love Valhalla is the variety of its products. They currently offer three different strain varieties in three flavors, giving me full control over my experience. I have yet to find another company that gives me the choice between an indica, sativa or CBD dominant strain as edible gummies. Personally, I’m huge fan of the indica, with sour watermelon as my top choice. After enjoying one of these a little after dinner, I feel a relaxing state wash over me in about thirty minutes. Onset time will vary from person to person, but I love skipping the glass of wine and instead having one as a way to wind down from the day.

If you enjoy enhancing your workouts, I highly recommend CBD dominant edible gummies. With a 10 milligram CBD to 5 milligram THC ratio, it keeps psychoactive effects to a minimum while providing sharp focus along with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. On long runs or hikes, this keeps me going the extra mile.

Other flavors include Tropical Twist and Tangerine. Even though their names might make your taste buds start to curl up, their flavors are surprisingly light. Part of the reason is their recipe, which includes organic sugar and no artificial sweeteners. This is also great if you prefer to ingest edibles sublingually, by letting them sit under the tongue to dissolve and help increase onset time.

Overall, Valhalla offers a delicious tasting edible made with organic ingredients and sustainable, sun-grown cannabis strains. Like it’s name suggests, these gummies belong to a elevated class all of their own.

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