Low and Slow: Tips For Your First Time Edible Experience

My previous career  was in the tequila industry, and one of the best lessons I learned from a master distiller in Mexico was, – “The best tequila is the one you like the most.” That applies to all cannabis consumption, as well as edibles. In all cases, and especially if it’s your first time eating edibles, follow these tips:

Low and slow

Try a little first, and if you think you’re doing too much, you probably are. Especially if you are nervous about consuming, you can always take more if you take a little and feel nothing, but it’s more difficult coming down in the opposite direction.

Plan your experience

Trying edibles for the first time is not the best thing to do on the last day of Outside Lands after days of little sleep and a couple glasses of rosé. Get some friends together at your house, cook some food, and make  tentative plans for chilling later if you want to go out. If you want to stay in, stay in. Whether you go to a movie, see some live music, take a walk, it will all feel pretty good.

Microdosing is key

Everyone has a bad edibles story like everyone has a bad story about a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold. But a lot of that comes from past experiences of eating brownies made by older brothers or having a handful of gummy bears when we had no idea what we were doing. Nowadays, edibles are not just good. They’re GREAT. Microdosing is the cool thing happening in the Bay Area right now, and options for 2–3 mg dose edibles can be found everywhere. These espresso beans at a slightly higher, 5 mg dosage by Kiva Confections are a Revel and Rouse favorite.

Take one and wait 30–45 minutes before deciding if you want more. And think about it twice, as the experience is different from person to person. For me, edibles supply a larger body high, give me the munchies, and sometimes, I forget what I’m talking about. But they also make me feel great during a hike or spending a day in the park, and I can specifically control my high.

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Carolyn Kissick • Editor + Contributor

Carolyn is a hospitality and management professional based in San Francisco, California, currently serving as an analyst and consultant around legal cannabis for Big Rock, a family office focused on hospitality and wellness. Carolyn’s experience and passion for the spirits industry, most notably agave, lends a unique perspective to the dawn of the California medicinal and recreational cannabis culture. You can keep up to date with Carolyn by following her on twitter @runcarolnrun