Your Foray Into Concentrates Made Simple and Beautiful

A review of the Kandypens K-Stick Supreme

two Kandypens K-Stick Supreme pens in rose gold and black

Image by Christie Malvin for Revel and Rouse

Kandypens K-Stick Supreme

So I have to admit I’m relatively new to concentrates. Although I have many, many years of experience with cannabis, there was something about cannabis concentrates that always intimidated me, and it took me about 20 years to finally try them. It was, of course, the fact that I had no real education about them, and the ways people consumed them seemed very complicated. I had no idea about the concentrate chambers that attached to batteries, which looked like every other vape cartridge I’d seen.

Enter the Kandypens K-Stick Supreme.


First of all, it’s beautiful. It comes in several metallic finishes like Gunmetal and Gold. In other words, it fits right in with the rest of your accessories. Every time I pulled it out around friends, I got a compliment. The design just stands out among vapes. It’s also very compact at 5.5 inches long, smaller than most of my pens, so it fits in most pockets easily.

It comes with the battery, the chamber, a USB charger and a little concentrates (dabber) tool. That’s it—no complicated rigs to deal with. Once the battery is fully charged, all you have to do is place the cannabis concentrates of your choice into the chamber, click it on, and puff away. It has three temperature settings. You just click through them by pressing the single button on the battery, so you can control your voltage to some degree. It really is that easy! You don’t need to worry about it burning out when you slip it into your pocket or bag. Simply click the button five times to turn the unit off.


I think the K-Stick has two main cons, however. First, the battery is super small. At only 280 mAh, you’ll have to watch how often you use it throughout the day because it might not last. If you’re a moderate user, you shouldn’t have a problem; just don’t forget to charge it every night. Second, the unit is heated by a single coil, so the clouds of vapor it produces will not be huge. I’d say this is to be expected on a unit this small, but it is something to consider if you’re a regular dabber and expecting a similar experience.

An Easy Way to Get Started

All in all, it’s the perfect tool for beginners looking to explore cannabis concentrates and anyone looking to consume concentrates on-the-go in style. It’s also budget friendly at $34.95, so you won’t be breaking the bank. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to begin your foray into concentrates! My eyes, and options, have truly opened up now that I’ve learned about products like CBD Sap from Guild xtracts and Meraki Farms Green Dragon Resin, which is organic and local. Yes, they seem more fitting for advanced cannabis users, but with tools like the K-Stick Supreme, they can be much more approachable.

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