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Curious, thoughtful, open-minded, and passionate, we’re as eager to learn about the evolving cannabis lifestyle as you are.

We know you want to be informed and relevant, so we created Revel & Rouse to be an accessible and thoughtfully curated resource for all things cannabis.

Here you’ll find an enticing blend of education and culture, encompassing food & beverage, health & wellness, and travel & hospitality. Learn the basics about medical and recreational uses, stay informed with newsworthy issues and events, and get inspired by the industry leaders, many of whom are women, and their game-changing brands and products.

It’s all here at Revel & Rouse so you can fully explore and enjoy cannabis as part of your lifestyle.

The Team

Dava Guthmiller


Carolyn Kissick

Editor + Contributor

Christie Malvin

Project Manager + Photographer

Kaisha-Dyan McMillan

Contributor + Industry Professional

The Backstory

Revel & Rouse is a passion project created by the women-led team at Noise 13.

As recreational cannabis use moved toward legalization, and our branding and design clients came to us for guidance, we began educating ourselves about this emerging industry. We already had solid experience in the lifestyle space, so we found a perfect fit working with companies including Kiva, Dovana, and Skunk Factory. Many of our new clients were creating businesses by women and for women, and we saw a unique opportunity to connect all the parties.

Revel & Rouse is where all of our research and connections come together. Here we raise awareness about the trends we are seeing in food & beverage, low-dose, wellness, and other components of the cannabis lifestyle. Here we share what we are learning through opinions, insights, and product reviews. We strive to empower female entrepreneurs, announce news and events, and promote innovative brands, products, and accessories for discerning consumers.

Join us for the next evolution of the cannabis industry.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

Amelia Earhart


Our experience comes from all corners of life, spanning different generations and various industries. No matter what, you can trust us to keep you up to date on all things cannabis.
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Dava Guthmiller • Founder

Dava is not only the founder of Revel and Rouse, but also the founder and Chief Creative Officer at Noise 13, a branding and design agency that focuses on lifestyle brands. She has over 20 years experience leading strategy and design projects. Dava is a board member for Slow Food California, and advisor for Good People and Makers Market. She occasionally gets her hands on fine art, interior design, and design instruction.

Carolyn Kissick • Editor + Contributor

Carolyn is a hospitality and management professional based in San Francisco, California, currently serving as an analyst and consultant around legal cannabis for Big Rock, a family office focused on hospitality and wellness. Carolyn’s experience and passion for the spirits industry, most notably agave, lends a unique perspective to the dawn of the California medicinal and recreational cannabis culture. You can keep up to date with Carolyn by following her on twitter @runcarolnrun

Christie Malvin • Project Manager + Photographer

With a background in fine art photography, Christie’s work has been exhibited in several cities including San Francisco, Houston and Washington, D.C. After working for several years as a visual storyteller for brands, she has been able to combine passions and work toward elevating cannabis photography and styling. You can see what she sees @christieam

Kaisha-Dyan McMillan • Contributor + Industry Professional

For nearly a decade, Kaisha built an extensive career in retail merchandising before co-founding a marketing consultancy. Writing is her passion, and after meeting activists and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry she decided she wanted to write about cannabis full-time. She’s currently a contributing writer for DOPE Magazine and weedguide.com, and her work has also appeared on HelloMD.com and Hearst Bay Area.

Lily Zhao • Copy Editor + Contributor

As a Midwest transplant in Los Angeles, California, Lily works in advertising by day, but her true love lies in magazine editing and writing. She believes everyone has much to learn about cannabis, especially in its creative uses in food and wellness. When she’s not filling her head with knowledge from Revel & Rouse contributors, she can be found exploring the latest restaurants and reading about how to infuse cannabis in her favorite foods. Come along with her food adventures @fleurdelilyz

Kate Shay • Contributor

With over 11 years of experience in design and advertising, Kate helped build the R&R brand from the ground up. Having worked in tech, health & wellness, food & beverage, and hospitality, combined with her passion for the industry, it has led to a natural transition into cannabis. She previously worked at agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis and Edelman, and brings her deep understanding of brand and its power in marketing. You can follow her creative adventures @justthegritty

Chelsea Hamilton • Contributor + Co-owner of Simple Jane

Chelsea is the Sales Director and co-owner of Simple Jane, a women’s wellness brand creating cannabis products for the modern woman. She came to the cannabis industry with one goal: To continue sharing the message about the incredible healing power of the plant for women, without the “stoner” stigma. When she’s not out insisting on complimentary hand massages with Simple Jane products (“Seriously, try this stuff, it’s amazing. Here, let me show you”) she can be found testing out her new favorite strain from the comfort of her couch and cuddling her fluffy rescue pup, Scheff.

Amy Winston • Contributor

Amy Winston is a freelance writer who specializes in advertising, filmmaking, and listening to strangers talk about their life stories. With a background in creative writing, she has spent nearly a decade stringing sentences together for the world’s most prestigious brands, including Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Intel, and Google.

Amber Eagle • Contributor + Life Coach

Amber Eagle is a fun & funky Life Coach residing in San Francisco. Amber’s passions include Cannabis, natural healing, and helping others. Amber is an ambitious free spirit who loves cracking up, grooving to live jams, and (rolling &) partaking in tasty strains of flower in the sunshine. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @ambeagle

Genesis Silva • Contributor

Genesis is a Bay Area graphic designer who specializes in branding and visual storytelling. She is a jill of all trades with skills like illustration, animation, and 3D modeling. Genesis has also worked closely in the canna-business for several years and is an advocate for including cannabis in wellness discourse.

Kristen DeVilbliss • Contributor

Kristen DeVilbliss is a freelance writer with a focus on wellness, lifestyle, and education. Since discovering the holistic properties of cannabis, she has been an advocate for changing the attitudes towards the industry into a space for people looking to heal and elevate their minds and bodies. She is excited to watch the industry expand and see new canna-products develop as the stigma surrounding cannabis fades and the market expands to a broader community

Kyra Mueller-Yamamoto • Health Coach + Plant Advisor

Kyra Mueller-Yamamoto is a healer, recipe developer, plant enthusiast and holistic lifestyle blogger based out of San Francisco, California. She studied health sciences throughout college and is currently working on her nutritional health coaching certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition and cannabis science certification through Sativa Science Club. Follow along down the rabbit hole @kyrious.co


We have the pleasure of working with amazing cannabrands and industry leaders standing out in their fields.
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